..I love scarves and this is by far the best one I've had in 10 years
(Scarf – Mountain Bull)
Olivia Ambani (Kenya)

cant wait to go out later and wear it again...
(Scarf - Papillon (red) )
Rubina Hussain(UK)

Stunning scarves! Looking forward to seeing the new collection @ FHT2016
Zen Garden (Kenya)

Perfect colours for the beach
(Sarong collection 2016)
Kiran Ahluwalia (Kenya)

Amazing work!
Sapna Cameron(UK)

Currently lusting over Mia Kora scarves that are not only a beautiful art piece but also support the movement to protect Africa's elephants...
Saffron on Rose (Blogger, LA)

Love the beautiful scarf collection and the unique cause it supports..
Alisha Taneja (LA)

Beautiful colours
Nick Klaus(Kenya)

These scarves are beautiful - go check them out if you are in Nairobi..
Karen L Rowe (Kenya)