Adhiambo Crescentone of a kind jewellery

“Adhiambo” is a name that originates from the Luo tribe of Kenya and is used for females born after sunset. A lovely crescent pendant from the Ivory Coast is suspended from black Agate and fossilised coral in beautiful earthy tones. The circular patterns on the pendant are regarded as the chief of Adinkra symbols from West Africa and symbolise greatness, charisma and leadership. Black Agate is said to attract good fortune, promote good will and aids in overcoming flaws, fears, and loneliness. It is also used for protection and is believed to remove curses and help eliminate bad luck. Coral symbolises life and blood force energy and has been used for stimulating the bloodstream. It has long been used as a form of adornment and also as a talisman in various societies, as well as asymbol of wealth in many cultures.