Isami Buckleone of a kind jewellery


Isami is a Japanese name meaning courage, bravery and beauty –a fitting name for this necklace that brings together an Omani belt buckle symbolizing bravery by association with the Khanjar (dagger), combined with beautiful trade beads from West Africa.The pendant in this piece was a belt buckle that held the Omani Khanjar or dagger in place around a man’s waist. I discovered it whilst rummaging through a pile of antique silver jewellery at Muttrah souk in Muscat. As well as being a popular fashion accessory, West African glass beads are used profusely in ceremonies of birth, coming of age, marriage, and death forover400 years. Some believe that the beads possess special powers either for healing or for protection. Tibetan spacers are interspersed between the glass beads and complete the look of this beautiful necklace that fuses elements from the Middle East, Asia and Africa. It is completed with a sterling silver clasp, chain and a SHIKHAZURI charm.