Maatan BumblebeeOne of a kind jewellery


Mataan is a name from the Somali word for “twin”.This set of twin masks adds wonderful drama to this piece of adornment. Bumble Bee Jasper originates from Australia and derives its name from the vivid yellow, orange and black stripes, and bandings with off-white to grey undulating patterns. The presence of Sulphur is believed to help the body to fight off infection, promote an abundance of energy and increase physical vitality. Hematite is said to sharpen the memory and mental dexterity, and promote a calming atmosphere. The combination of these elements has led Bumble Bee Jasper to be associated with mental clarity and a stone that balances energies between mind, body and spirit. The Jasper is interspersed by West African brass shield beads which are made using the “lost wax” method of casting which makes each piece completely unique.