Aduor Tiwione of a kind jewellery

Aduor is a Luo name from Kenya that means “born at dawn”. This gorgeous pendant is made from a dried inactive pod from a tree found on the East African coast. It has been inlaid with brass to create a beautiful design and transformed into this stunning pendant by Kenyan artisans. The beads are made in Krobo, in the eastern region of Ghana, using a method that has been implemented for centuries. It involves baking fragments of recycled glass in moulds that are lined with a mixture of kaolin and water. Krobo glass beads have been used in ceremonies of birth, coming of age, marriage, and death for over 400 years in West Africa. The use of faux amber in jewellery making is a traditional practice in Africa, where true amber is scarce. Aduor is finished with handmade brass clasp and chain from Kenya.